The fee schedule provided here is an overview.  Actually pricing will be determined once the project details are determined.

All projects are personal and require discussion or interview 
Costs vary depending on size, detail required, and number of photos supplied 
Small scrapbooks $10 per page
Medium such as 8 x 8  are $20 per page
Large 12 x 12 are $30 per page
*Additional fees for photo printing
Scrapbook pages customized and personalized to suit.  
2-4 photos per page depending on size and type.
These pages were part of a book celebrating the 55th Anniversary.

Handmade, personal, different sizes available
Cost varies

 Photo Frames & Photos albums
Customized depending on occasion
Frame 7 x 9 holds photo size 4 x 6   $30
Frame 12 x 12 holds photo size 3 x 5   $45
Sizes other than above are sometimes available and cost varies


Baby "Firsts" Book  - each one customized with name of new baby  $35
     Handmade, each one different and unique - Boy or girl available.
Begins with introductory page, and with each flip the top page is a unique embellished color coordinated page showcasing a baby "first" such as "first nap" or "first day home".  The new mommy simply slips the appropriate 4 x 6 photo into the bottom page !  How cute is that ? 

Availability and type varies
Leather junque bracelets $100 
Keyhole necklaces $30
Custom charm bracelets $50
Other items available

Memory Boxes
Design varies 
Decorated inside and out according to request or preference 
Embellishments may include ball or metal feet, charms, ribbon, metal, trinkets, crystal knobs, etc

 Unique items become available on a first come basis.
Quantities are usually limited
Examples (all are not pictured) include recipe boxes, wood and metal purse/cases, home dec items, hand painted trays, tea sets, plates, trays, garden stones and pots for plants.