Saturday, June 27, 2009


This is what a best friend looks like! A woman who is not only willing to act silly, but shares my love of art, textiles, and paper. We bounce ideas off each other, oohing an aahing over patterned paper, inks, and LOTS of books and magazines. We have shared many laughs, tears, good news and bad over the last twenty something years. Today was a scorcher (over 90 degrees) so we got together for breakfast to catch up on the past week's news and activities. We went to a few shops and perused the latest magazines at Borders while sharing ideas on products, stamping, inks, and different tools. Such a fun day! We wilted a bit in the heat between stops (even the going in and out was amazingly HOT).....but as always we left each other inspired to go home and CREATE. Thanks for a great day, friend ;-)

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