Friday, July 3, 2009

Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun...

Today was a day just for myself. There are a LOT of you out there that think you can't go anywhere alone, and let me tell you how much you are missing out on. You really need to try it if you haven't. I love to trot around with my best gal pal as much as anyone and if she could have gone, I would have truly enjoyed that. But there are times when that just isn't possible, so you enjoy a different type of day where time has no meaning. You can peruse, and lollygag all you want and have fun, after all aren't you good company? I could have done a lot of different things today but I decided to go to one of me favorite stores, Archiver's in Orland Park, IL. It's jam packed with all kinds of goodies, flowers, stamps, glitter paper, and embellishments in every color and size. They are very helpful whether it be products or technique you are asking about. I shopped every aisle at least once, decided on which technique books I couldn't live without, and dug through all the sale bins until exhausted - I finally dropped into my car seat.
It was a gorgeous day in the 70's I headed down the road to MiMi's and wow did they have the flowers outside, and a cute little cafe sign inviting you in. It is a "chain" but with fresh homemade offerings that change periodically. After much indecision I settled on Seared scallops with grilled asparagus over ravioli covered in tomato asiago sauce. Yes, it was delicious ;-)
I enjoyed a leisurely drive home, and let my mind skip over all the new ideas or applications I saw today.....sugar-coated paper borders, chipboard all covered stamped and blinged out, multi-design paper touched with glitter, summer colors of raspberry and melon, lots of metal embellishments, and paper paper paper. My batteries are recharged, and I hope you had a great day too!!

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