Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Beautiful Gift for those special Baby Firsts...

 One of my favorite things to create is a "Baby Firsts" book.  I originally saw Anna Griffin create one, so I put my own spin on it using different products, sizes, and embellishments. 
I first made the pink girlie one for a co-worker having her first baby.  She recently had a baby boy so she wanted another and I finished it this weekend. 
The idea is that I create the title and across from it the new mom simply slides in her appropriate photo.  The perfect show-off brag book for mom or new gramma.

This is a mere tease, come back tomorrow to peek inside.


  1. i can't wait to peak. I am loving your creations. I wish i knew how to use some of these neat products better. i thought i did, but feel like such a novice!

  2. Hi Sydney, if there are any products you are interested in and I've used them please let me know and I'll blog about the product and it's use! I love sharing information someone else has passed on to me ;-)