Sunday, October 24, 2010

free as a bird......

That's me!!  Free as a bird today ;-)

So I put together this necklace for a friend of mine
I've been in a jewelry mode lately
It surprises even me how long it's been since I did any scrapbooking
This was the most beautiful Fall I can remember having for ages and the leaves are making me want to play with paint - do more collage - and see what happens!


  1. haven't visited in awhile. life just gets in the way. you look like you are having fun and keeping busy. love the necklace.

  2. thought i stop by and meet my new follower.
    nice to meet you. :)
    the necklace is lovely as is your blog.
    i'll be back often. :)


  3. You have done it again my friend that is very nice ~ pjbennett