Friday, December 24, 2010

away in a sleigh - with a little help from Fed Ex

Wow, just in the "Nick" of time (no pun intended).   A special friend needed a few gifts so I burned some midnight oil.
Christmas music on Pandora was blaring - there were charms, adhesive, chain, dominoes, and ribbon on every surface and although not everything worked out on the first try I was satisfied as I taped up the box with the surprise contents........................

 I was excited to hear today that Pam had received the Christmas box!!  But sad, 
because this beautiful dragonfly pendant 
didn't make it in one piece.  I used Multi Medium to adhere the metal and glass layers together, will use her on a different project.

I thought they would look awesome with jeans and a cute sweater.
Domino painted with Adirondack ink, Heart with Wings is created using Tim Holtz's Ideaology pieces and the soldered piece with the crown says on the back "I am woman, hear me roar" - love that!!!  The Joy and Paris pendants are soldered and embellished.

Finally a bracelet made with large stainless ball chain and inspirational reminders of what we need to live a "charmed" life.  I had so much fun creating  these for my good friend and I hope you  all enjoy the magic of Christmas and to all a good night ;-)


  1. Hi Linda,
    I LOVE your jewelry creations! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Merry Merry CHRISTmas!! xoxo

  2. Hi Linda, awesome Christmas pieces. Love your mixed media pieces. makes me want to make something. :)

  3. Hi Linda, thanks for emailing me - I did reply but Mailer Daemon bounced it back, hence I'm leaving my reply here. RE your query about mounting/stretching paper: an interesting problem, which I hope I can answer for you.

    Firstly, brown paper tape is exactly that: brown paper, like parcel wrapping, gummed on one side (like the gummed edge inside a manilla envelope). In the UK, at any rate, you can buy it in rolls from any art shop or most stationers'.

    RE your piece - it worries me a little that it's glossy on one side - this means it might wrinkle.

    Jonathan Talbot uses a collage method where he coats both sides of his papers (allowing each side to dry before coating the other) with gel medium, then coats the substrate with more medium. When all surfaces are dry, he layers them up then IRONS them with a warm dry iron (no steam - he uses a tacking iron or encaustic iron) with parchment paper or similar on top of the papers to protect from scorching.

    An alternative method might be to use traditional bookbinders' paste, which is very gentle:

    Or else use the Xyron with a permanent adhesive: (archival, acid-free etc) or double-sided tape, or dry liner adhesive runners.

    I hope this helps, and Happy New Year!

  4. Your art is just beautiful! Hugs Linda Duke