Saturday, December 4, 2010

My little acre

Welcome to winter here in the Midwest.  I am one of the crazies that was soooo excited  when I woke up to a blanket of fresh white wet snow.  There is nothing like that first snowfall - so clean and beautiful.

When I moved out to "my little acre" all my friends and co-workers asked why I would move so far from work and all of them?  I can show you better than I could ever explain.

This is the view out my front window looking at my driveway.  My little acre is surrounded on all four sides by oak and evergreen.  Can you hear the silence??

 Surrounded by beauty. I have been going back and forth from my computer to my overstuffed chair-and-a-half which is smack in front of a picture window overlooking my back yard.  I try not to feel guilty as I can sit for hours watching the cardinals, red-headed woodpeckers, squirrel and rabbits scurrying around.  I am always hoping the fawns will pass by again while I'm lounging there.  
If you look closely you can see my neighbor's log home in the distance below  ;-)

  I feel like I'm on vacation every time I come into my driveway - in the summer it feels like a cottage by the sea, and in the winter it's like renting a bungalow in Vermont.  I hope your home wraps it's arms around you and makes you happy to be there.  THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME................

So today I'll spend dreaming, wondering, supposing, drawing, painting....
What are you up to?


  1. Very beautiful pictures, Linda, and it sure looks like some kind of paradise. I'd love to watch the cardinals, too, we don't have them here.

  2. Just beautiful and I can hear the silence too. We already had our first snow too - before Thanksgiving which is unheard of. I'd be happy with a little more at Christmas please... Hope you are enjoying the holiday season - I'm not quite there yet.

  3. Very Beautiful pictures. Winter is magical!

  4. I can really see why you love your little acre! Your photos are beautiful!

  5. What a gorgeous collage of pictures!!