Saturday, January 15, 2011

and the award goes to......................

Well, I must say I'm quite honored to receive this Stylish Blogger Award today from the very gifted and generous Lainey Parker.  Visit her blog when you get the chance to meet her VERY cute dog Mollie, get some organizational ideas, or just enjoy her take on life and don't forget to leave a comment - we all LOVE comments.  Thanks for the award Lainey, it brought sunshine to my day!  Accepting the award that I was so graciously given invites me to share 7 things about me ya'll didn't know (hmmmmm) and introduce you to the Blogs that I am passing the Stylish Blogger Award to and hopefully they are willing to receive it.

So let's have some fun!!!

1.  As a child I was so thin and scrawny that my mother gave me liquid vitamins prescribed by our Dr.
I even remember the bottle being in the refrigerator and was called something like Homacebrin.  Let's just say it worked WAY too well (anyone know how to make it stop other  than Weight Watchers?).

2.  We had a dog named "Tramp" (yes after the movie Lady and the Tramp) who crawled under the bed and being the genius I thought I was  - I quickly shoved my brother's toy rifle under the bed to get him to come out but  it snipped off the end of his tail - eek.  He was fine after a stitch or two at the vet, I can't describe the "art" he left all over whipping and wagging that bleeding tail.

3.  I'm afraid of heights - like more than one step on a ladder no can do.  Can't do bleachers or open stairs.

4.  I twirled baton in the marching band in Junior High School.

5.  Elvis was my boyfriend all during childhood.

6.  In my senior year I placed in the top 3 for fastest adding machine in the State of Indiana (200 digits a minute).  

7.  I was a hairdresser for 8 years and have been blond, redhead, frosted, had razored lines and purple streaks - you name it!

Most of my blogging world consists of people who are very talented artists with very big hearts and lessons to teach me since I'm still "becoming" me in most every way.  I hope you enjoy the wonderful "peeks" into their lives and come away as inspired as I have been.  Maybe you'll be inspired to doodle or buy 2 bottles of craft paint, a brush and just let your worries spill onto the paper.  Many have Etsy shops or sell  their work, please remember them when you need a very special gift (including for yourself).

Kind Over Matter is a Blog that in my humble opinion gives us the pick-me-up we need in our lives.  Make sure you visit their "freebies" they are printable and fun.

Andy Mathis is someone you should know, especially if you love animals as much as I do.  He shares his tales about tails and his incredible art on his Blog.

Patty Digh artfully reminds me how important each day, each hour and each breath is and her book "Life is a Verb" is on my nightstand.

Jennifer is very special and combines her love of art to her incredible faith.

Elizabeth brightens your day.  The colors in her work are a reflection of the bliss she holds inside.

Liv Lane is a burst of fresh air who finds beauty in everything and you will too.  She is one big smile.

Pam Holderman is so inspiring.  Her art is beautiful, her pets are a riot, and her stories will make you feel that you've known her for years.

Jacqueline just oozes with love and best wishes for every person she meets.  Her wares will make you want to buy a gift for everyone you know.

Valerie Hart is someone who creates beauty with every project and you feel like you have been her best friend all your life - you're gonna love her.

Jenny Lee Wentworth sketches her life out and makes beautiful sense of each day.

Baxter's Mom is a lighthearted artsy fun blog and even tho she is a grammy, Baxter is a dog (you know I love that!)

Michele Dawn Daigle expresses herself beautifully on her Blog - check it out.

Carola Bartz helps us discover what life looks like after coming from Germany to the U.S.

Tejae's life is about love and heart, her work spreads love everywhere.

Well, I hope you enjoy the blogs of my friends, and I know there are so many of you that I couldn't fit them all here (but you know who you are) so I'll have to get my next list ready -  this was really fun!  hugs and more hugs.  Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Oh my goodness Linda! You are just the sweetest person and I am so honored to be on your artist blog list! And look at the company I am in! So many of my Flying friends! Wasn't it so great that we met in Kelly Rae's class. Love that you were a hairdresser too and could see all of your hair colors and styles! Thank you so much for being such a good blog friend and for staying connected in this lovely, supportive, blogosphere!

    Love & blessings,
    xoxo Valerie

    Valerie Hart

  2. Linda, you're just the kindest person. Thank you for adding me to your wonderous list of blogs. I too visit several of the blogs you've listed (great minds think alike, yes?) You've been kind hearted and friendly since I met you months ago with the flying group. Thank you for the award, I'm feeling very blessed to have friends like you out there in blogland! :)

  3. Linda, It was so fun reading your 7 things! Ohhhhh, poor Tramp! And thanks for all the nice things you said about me and Mollie. Now I am off to discover the blogs of all the people you awarded. Have a happy Sunday!

  4. Dearest sweet linda, it's such fun getting to know you better and reading your list! I could related to a few of them like 1 and 3! :) My mama is a HUGE fan of Elvis so much so that she even gave birth to me on his birthday. :) Thank you so much for this awesome award and for your endless love, support and blessing you continued to send my way! You are awesome. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  5. Oh Linda, Thank you so much for being soooo kind! When I read your comments on my posts I know I have a friend. Your support is endless and much appreciated!! Thank you for that beautiful award! It was fun reading your post. I am in a forced "vacation mode" from blog posting but I will finish it to accept this award and follow the instructions! I enjoyed reading each one of the sweet words for each one of the people you awarded!

    Wishing you a lovely week! Hugs!

  6. Hi Linda, Happy Friday!

    Thank you for your kind words and passing the award on to me! I'm thankful for your friendship♥
    Fun reading through your list too. I'm working on the weight loss thing right now, it's sooo hard for me, I love food. Everyone says it's not how much you exercise but what you put in your mouth that makes the difference so I'm practicing portion control. You must be a lot of fun with all those different hair colors.
    Sending lots of love your way!
    Your Friend,

  7. I love posts with random facts about people... I think it is so much fun! I am with ya on the heights thing... no like! :) Thank you so much for this award. It has been so wonderful meeting so many new women with my same interests through the Flying Lessons. What a blessing!!

    ♥ Jennifer

    p.s. I saw that you 're-followed' my new blog. I believe at the time you did that the GFC was still attached to my old blog address. Sorry about that! If you want to follow, you will need to 're-follow' again. I hope I have it fixed! :)