Saturday, May 28, 2011

are we having fun yet ?????????????????

Memorial Day is the first really big summer celebration.  
What do you have planned and how are you   spending this weekend?  Most of us are either watching a parade, going to a picnic, spending a day at the beach, or perhaps you are traveling to see loved ones to spend time together.  For me it's cooking on the grill with family  - I swear I think you could cook shoe leather on the grill and it would be tasty !!! 

The tradition of communities celebrating began with Civil War soldiers coming home, and in 1882 the Day was officially labeled MEMORIAL DAY.  It was in  1971 that the President declared that veterans from other wars would be included as well.   So we celebrate, as is our tradition all the men and women who served and most important - we remember.   

Whether your celebration today is BIG or small, inside or out, at home or away, on land or water.....ENJOY!

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