Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day .....ah yes 

A day when all the memories come flooding back.  I  realized today that  most of them are just simple ordinary moments that seemed nothing special at the time.  

I am blessed to have 52 years of memories, moments that were filled with friendship, support and unconditional love.

I would have loved 52 more, it's never enough.  There is nothing on earth like a mother's love - it's heart to heart.

I think about what I miss the most, and it's those little moments 

             ...the sound of her saying my name
             ...our hugs with a squeeze
             ...picking up the phone to tell her the latest
             ...making each other laugh

 It is my wish that if you are spending the day with your Mother that you be present in every moment, notice the sound of her laugh, the curve of that smile, feel her hug and hug her back.

My mother once gave me a card that said "To my daughter the princess -
from your Mother THE QUEEN"  and we both loved that card and laughed about it often.  Now she is an Angel, and I get a glimpse of her wings every now and I catch her still watching over me (smile).


  1. Linda, Beautiful post. I can see your mother in you...

  2. Linda, this is so beautiful. I can see that you miss your mom. I lost my mom four years ago and I still miss her very much.

  3. Such a beautiful post Linda. I can feel your mom in your words~ so beautiful!

  4. Beautifully said...hope you are doing well. M Day was hard for me too so now I have to get through her birthday in July then smooth sailing right? Doubt it. Have a great weekend. no sun here...