Saturday, July 30, 2011

just sayin'

One of my most favorite places is Brave Girls Club ! They have a feature called "Daily Truths" that come to you in the form of an email that say "a little bird told me"........ cute huh?

They are wonderful pearls of wisdom, whispers really....speaking to the very core of YOU. The team at Brave Girls has asked us to select our favorite Daily Truth to be entered in a big giveaway, which is such a difficult task! Want to know what mine is? o.k. o.k. Check here.

If you think about it, we all have dreams (big and small), things we would like to do, places to see and ideas waiting to fully bloom. I thought about mine, and realized there is NOTHING stopping me...all I have to do is take one baby step toward what I want...then one more and eventually I will succeed. FEAR? sure but not so much if I don't think about going from 0-100 all at once - but if I just keep moving forward I'll get there.

Maybe for you it's about stopping a bad habit, or beginning to get a grip on that clutter you've collected, or maybe beginning or finishing a college degree. One of my biggest goals in my 40's was to earn a degree and when I was sharing that dream (yet again) with someone - he said why don't you do it? I said ...well it'll take 6 years while working full time and you know how old I'll be? He how old will you be if you DON'T do it? duh....(bfo as my good friend would say - blinding flash of the obvious). So I did it - one class at a time.

My little birdie speaks of the longing deep inside and I don't know about you but I know what she speaks of, and it's time!!!! I'm holding myself back and it's time to leap and let the net appear....take that first baby step...claim the life I'm meant to live - FULLY - OUT LOUD....and I think I'll do just that !!!!!!!!! Yep, I'm scared....but I'm at the place where NOT doing it is more painful I come.... quietly roaring.

How about you? Go ahead, sign up for Daily Truths here, and see what stirs in YOUR soul and step out there.

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