Tuesday, March 6, 2012

take just a moment...

I visit blogs like Ali Edwards for inspiration,  and I certainly wasn't disappointed on my last stop there because she was sharing a video she saw on Amanda Soule's blog

That's the way it usually works - I hop over to visit one blog and they refer me to something cool they found and so on ..... I warn you it's VERY  addicting.  I took the time to repost it here because I know I feel like I'm always in a hurry, not enough time and the months and years are flying by way too fast and just MAYBE you feel that way too.

Well, we both deserve to take a few moments.  I  think you will be glad you did.  After watching this I mean it when I say to you "Have a beautiful Day" !!!!!!

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  1. my favorite part – "if you can respond to the world as if this is your first day or your last one - then you have lived well. Life in this broken world always tarnishes – and our vision always grows tired and old whether we're young or old. The things that used to astound us - we take for granted – the heart pounding relationship I had with our Father at the beginning – waxes and wanes – oh to keep it fresh – as if it's my first day – or my last day – to view the wonders around me and know that no matter how wondrous they are – they're still broken – and yet they're still amazing. To keep my relationship with our Lord fresh – and to renew my mind. This is been a nice reminder, thank you Linda. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours.