Saturday, May 19, 2012

one fine day.....

Some days just start off great, know what I mean?  
First thing yesterday morning when I took Miss Juliet out ..... I was standing there enjoying the cool breeze in the dawn ..... it is absolutely silent except for the layers of birdsong ... and I realize  there is a  beautiful doe standing stock still across the street !!!   We both stood there watching each other for a few moments and as I took a step forward she darted into the woods.    o.k. I thought - this is gonna be a great day - let the adventure begin ;-)
My gal pal Jane picks me up and we enjoy a wonderful breakfast in town.
She takes a scenic route to Kosciusko County (Indiana).  Have you ever been?
You MUST go for the day (or two) as there is soooo much to see and do!!
Did you know Warsaw has a Hallmark with every ornament? Over 4,000 of them!

We stop at a tiny town called Pierceton known for antique shops, a peek here.
I saw things that brought back memories from childhood.  But the most fun was seeing things I had never ever seen before.  Antiques that appeared to be brand new in pristine condition like spool cabinets, incredible hats and hatpins, a carved and embellished ice box the wealthy had in the parlor (amazing check it out here), gorgeous mink jackets, leather books, and so much more.
Did you know the largest and top rated Jellystone Park is there too?  I did because Jane and Larry have always had spot there "to get away from it all"...I was AMAZED at how awesome this place was !!!! 

Gorgeous place on the lake, swimming pools, restaurant, tennis court, basketball, playgrounds, you name it!  Jane took me for a ride to see it all on her golf cart. 

Over 10 miles of road through the park.  I was having such a great time I forgot to take photos but check out an example of one for sale.  

This is not tents and sleeping bags, no no no it's REALLY nice and the people were soooooooo friendly.  Some live there all summer, some just on weekends and Holidays.  She drove along the lake in the park and the swans were out with their 7 babies!
 And from here you can see their boat docked - it's the blue one far left.
No...we didn't take it out, we were having too much fun as it was !!
Ahhhhhhhh, we returned to sit on Jane's deck with a cold drink.  It was one of the warmest days so far this year about 85 degrees.  But not much humidity and with the enormous trees giving us some shade, it was nice.   We lounged in our comfy cushy chairs, waved at those passing in golf carts.  Now to decide where to have dinner???  Thought the day couldn't get any better, right?   WRONG...LOL

We decide on The BoatHouse at Winona Lake.
OMGOSH, if you ever get the chance, you must try it.  The food is wonderful, and the view stunning.  Jane had pasta, I had lamb chops - food and service perfection.
They even had a darling gift shop so we strolled through  oohing and aahing.
I was so tickled to see items by one of my very favorite artists Kelly Rae Roberts.
So now at sunset we begin our 2 hour ride back to the place we call home...
but I couldn't resist one more photo showing you the view from the Boathouse!

A special "thank you" to  Jane's wonderful husband (who is also oh so much fun), Larry for giving her up to me for the day and ordering a pizza to take the place of one of Jane's homemade dinners !! 


  1. What a perfect day!
    And wonderfully documented through your photos!!

    So nice to see you in BYW 2.0!
    All the best,
    p.s. Kelly Rae Roberts rocks! :)

  2. Hi Linda, what fun photos. Hope all is well with you-it looks like it.

    Popped over here from BYW 2.0. Of course I recognized your photo right away-lol

    Looking forward to seeing you in class,


  3. OMG, I came here to send you a message and I was delighted with so much beauty! Thanks for taking the time to share! and I wanted to tell you two things:

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    Thanks for sharing this lovely pics...I hope you can join me in the will be very juicy as a few more ceramic artists will be sharing their work and some tips...Have a great day sweet friend!! XO