Saturday, August 18, 2012

I've been here the whole time....

I can't believe it's been this long since I've posted anything on my blog!  
Forgive me?
It's not for lack of excitement  -  OH I've been busy...I just don't know where the time went...I mean 3 months??????? geesh.   Of course this is where I am most of the time
I'm going to cram in as much news as I can, please do leave a comment and give the the lowdown on what you've been up to this summer..........pleeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzz ;-)

If you have not been to Brown County/Nashville Indiana - run, don't walk.
It's the best time!

Of course I got to stay with my gal pal Joy (that's her on the right) which is the best part!
Arting, eating, laughing til we weep, shopping, talking, you know.

We love to take yummy classes to learn new techniques and this photo is our friend Cindy teaching a class on Art Journaling and Altering Books.   She and her husband Wayne have a darling shop in Nashville called "Papertrix" so don't miss it when you get to town~!  Tell them Red Headed, Left Handed Linda sent you LOL .

A dear sweet friend, Susan has purchased a "Baby First" book from me for each of her grandbabies.  She called and let me know #3 was on the way - so I whipped up a book for her.

 Oh,  Joy and I squeezed in another class with Dina Wakley!! 

  I got ohhhh sooooo inky!!!

 We used sprays, inks and made tags with our new techniques.  
Color color everywhere!  Stamps, stencils and wax OH MY!

This is the inky trio.
Me on the left, Dina center, and Joy on the right.
She closed her eyes so if you forgot what she looks like with them open,
scroll back up to the other photo, ha!

 We had to fit in Cheesecake Factory hmmmmm.
Hint - if you go make sure you drink a "Georgia Peach"

This is my pal Jen Starr teaching at Cafe Crop in Crown Point.
I've taken her classes so many times and I always learn something new
and laugh til I cry.

 We finally got a break in the HOT weather so my brother and I ventured out for a day at the Chesterton European Market.   Cheeses from Bleu to Gouda, Rosemary flatbread, fruits, veggies, Baklava, crafts, and lots of doggies's very pet friendly.
No, Miss Juliet didn't get to go, and I did NOT ride my brother's Harley LOL.
Then we went to the Lake County Fair.  
I had not had a funnel cake in years!
We sat in the shade and watched the crowds.

For everyone who has prayed and sent well wishes, I thank you.
For those who don't know suffice it to say I got the scare of my life a couple months ago when a driver pulled across several lanes right in front of my brother and several others while he was on his Harley.   He was air lifted from a nearby hospital to Christ Advocate Trauma Hospital near Chicago with a brain bleed.

He is doing well, and looks to be blessed with a complete recovery - a miracle.
Following the accident, he has happily retired !

There is plenty of summer left yet, get out there and enjoy every minute!!!!
Oh, and please - tell me alllll about it ;-)
I love comments.


  1. Loved reading your happy for all the good moments and for the recovery of your brother! I read your email...thanks! I'll write to you soon....Still with my grandson in Philly!! Hugs!!

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