Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meet Miss Ava

Well, this little cutie is Miss Ava. She is the beautiful daughter of Melissa and David, very good friends of mine. I'll be featuring Ava in many of my posts as I am lovingly working on her "First Year" of memories scrapbook. It is easy to work with such a photogenic baby and really sweet cutie pie - well you'll see soon enough. It also helps that her mother is an awesome and helpful photographer. We have done several things that should make this book very enjoyable for years to come and an especially personal look at the love that surrounds her. Melissa generously gave me her pregnancy journal so I would be very connected to the entire process of bringing Ava into the world. Also I gave her a list of very personal and thought provoking questions which will be included as "advice" for Ava - kind of "things your Mother wanted you to know"...I think Ava will like that. Well, that's all for now - stay tuned!

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