Sunday, May 17, 2009

Outside the Zone

I decided to use the collage pieces I made in a class with Bernie Berlin as my Header. Mainly because it was so exciting to do mixed media and completely out of my comfort zone. I'm usually really controlled and plan every detail out and this was free, wild, anything goes. She was a great artist and teacher, fully aware that most of us didn't want to get paint all over us (LOL). We laughed, we asked a million questions but in the end we all had unique, awesome pieces that we loved. It was all about layers, most of us worried about covering up a layer we really liked, or a stamped image that turned out "just right"....It really changed us, changed how we create and taught us a lot about different techniques and mediums. We used, stamps, gel medium, paint, metal tape, alcohol inks, gesso, fiber, and too many other things to mention. So there we have it, I like it, and am so glad I ventured into the unknown for a change - I think I like it out here ;-)

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