Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stop and Smell the Lilacs

My favorite part of spring without a doubt is the smell of lilac bushes in bloom. I am lucky enough to have one bush on the corner outside my bedroom window and another in back outside my screened porch. They were huge and full of blossoms yesterday when I took these photos. The big surprise were the irises. These gorgeous flowers were sent to me by my Aunt Carolyn a few years ago and were special family irises. I must admit I don't have a green thumb, so was worried the bulbs would never do anything. Just as expected each year big flat green leaves came up, no irises. So when I walked out my back door imagine my SHOCK when I saw these beauties with lots and lots of unopened buds. It was like a Christmas present in May!! I am so grateful for the gift and I think of my Aunt everytime I gaze over at them. The lesson, never give up hope, for surprises await.

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