Monday, August 17, 2009

Holidays are Coming...ready or not!

Well, a three day weekend hmmmm ....should I keep procrastinating? Or dive in and get it done once and for all? Since I had not been feeling well - it was easy to put off the inevitable MOVING THE STUDIO! I have moved out of the bedroom studio with most of my goodies to one end of the living room. The view was great, but I had to dig out everything I needed. There was no room to stamp, emboss, all the crazy stuff I love. So........... this meant dragging tables from the garage, cleaning them, moving a ton of books to the living room to allow for my "stuff" but what the heck. So I moved furniture, books, cleaned, and had new space all ready. The next day with the help of my brother (who was thrilled I'm sure) we cleaned and dragged in several tables. Unmangled computer and telephone wires, and finally the room was ready. Today I organized, reorganized, stacked, sorted and exhaled. I had a little time to sit back and relish my huge "working" desk station for layouts - I'm thrilled with my big island with stations for stamping, drying or just starting an alternative project at the same time. The armoire still holds lots of valuables, and a corner station for die cuts. My fabulous bookshelves allow me to "see" all my stash and pull it out easily. I'm sooooooooo ready. Now I can come home from work and just sit at my project and play immediately. No more moving everything, trying to get lighting after dark that works and wanting to stamp or emboss a tag but - there was no room to do it! This is going to be fun, so to celebrate I thought I'd give you a peek at 2 of my current projects naked. This is how I begin, the first is a collection of papers that really make the photos pop. I select a couple of embellishments I think might work and start on the design. The other project is a special paper with velvet raised butterflies for a journal. The grey piece is the grungeboard as it comes - boring right? Oh, but just wait ;-) The doodads and trinkets are a collection of items that will be used to embellish the cover. Once I finish the scrapbook layout and the journal cover, I'll post them so you can see the results. Stay tuned!

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