Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend projects...

Well, as usual I thought I had a lot of time before little Ryan Christopher came into the world. Two baby books were promised to new Gramma Angie B. One for herself, and one to give the new momma (her daughter). Well, Ryan made an entrance 8-27-09 at a whopping 8 lb. 15.4 oz. so this was the weekend to finish up the brag books. I had already custom covered the books in blue. Now to create the individual pages opposite where the real photo will slip into place. It begins with plain patterned paper cut into rectangles, then a layer trimmed with pinking shears and attached. The labels for Baby Firsts are made, but not attached until an overnite of drying time on the sparkles added to each page dries. Now this is the fun part, customizing each page with words, tags, images, and embellishments to indicate what sweet photo will grace the adjoining page. I love watching the recipient's face as they flip through the book excited about the photos that they will slip in place.
Once done, I'll post a photo of the finished project. So cute, so many memories, so many smiles.
Then it's on to the next project, It's only Sunday so I'm on target.

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