Thursday, November 26, 2009


US magazine runs a feature called "25 things You Don't Know About Me" featuring someone famous. I thought it would be fun to list 25 things you might not know about me. 1. I grew up in Gary Indiana 2. I have a brother 2 1/2 years younger named Mike. 3. My first dog was "Tramp" after my then favorite movie Lady and the Tramp. 4. I always had a Toni home perm or a painfully tight ponytail. 5. When I was little I walked to the grocery and put a box of Jello pudding in my little purse. The manager saw me and asked how I would pay, I said "Oh my I forgot my $" and he let me go home. I'm sure they had quite a laugh. I never again went inside the store with mom as I was terrified they would tell her 6. I am terrified of heights. 7. As a child Elvis was my boyfriend. 8. Performed tap and ballet at the historic Memorial Auditorium in Gary. 9. Took 3rd in the State for fastest 10-key adding machine. 10. Twirled baton and cape for Horace Mann High School. 11. First library book "Grimm's Fairy Tales" 12. Hate goodbyes. 13. Married, divorced 14. I was a hair stylist for 8 years. 15. Worked downtown Chicago (secretary to executive of then little known company MCI) 16. Terrified of storms, thunder and lighting. 17. Have ALWAYS been too sensitive and every emotion expressed by crying 18. Fiercely loyal 19. Dislike the color blue. 20. Treasure my freedom above any material possession. 21. Belief in God, and Jesus as Son of God absolute. 22. Growing up loved to dance and swim. 23. Crave peace and silence. 24. Smoked for 20 years, beginning in my teens. 25. Always had zero tolerance for drug use.
I am thankful for all the experiences that made me who I am, all the lessons I have learned, and the unconditional love from both parents. I have met many people from many places and backgrounds and am fortunate to have several wonderful friends. May you enjoy today, and reflect on all the blessings in your own life.

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