Sunday, June 13, 2010

dog doctors are special

Do you show your vet that you appreciate him/her?  

This envelope (sorry card inside and no photo) was made for a friend that honors the anniversary of her Vet's  new building  each year.    

He looks forward to these special "thank you" cards from her and always asks if this is from her artist friend.  So sweet - make someone feel special this week ! 


  1. Thanks for flying by Robin, so much to do huh? Tomorrow is taking photos, more computer, need to do art sometime LOL

  2. Very touching Linda!
    Your dad must have been a great guy!

    Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog too..

    See you back on our flying page!!

  3. I am smiling from ear to ear, and so grateful for my wonderful friends. Fly high.

  4. I love my vet! Then again I worked with him for nearly 10 years. :) That's so nice of you to make a special card for the vet. I know they appreciate such things.