Sunday, June 20, 2010

I am remembering my Dad on this Father's Day.  Looking at this photo I can remember him holding the seat of my new 2 wheeler and trotting along as I wobbled forward.  I remember him practicing my tap and ballet steps right along with me.  But the most vivid memory of all is that grin of his every time I asked "How you doin' Dad?" and he'd say "Bout 90 backwards"....and I would laugh every single time.  You are greatly missed, love you Daddy.


  1. Nice blog. Thanks.
    Also check out my new blog of designs.

  2. Found your blog Linda!
    Like what I see.
    Wished I'd thought of the Fathers Day memory... it is a lovely idea. I'll have to try and remember next year.

  3. Hi Linda! Fellow flyer here. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog (another Hoosier, huh?). I love your background here. Beautiful job on your blog. I look forward to following you along your journey. It's been great connecting with so many artistic souls through Kelly's course. I'm so glad you stopped by to visit my blog. Thank you for your encouraging comments.

    I'm so far behind in the course. Hope to get back on track this week. I'm following you now and your beautiful work! Now, if I could only figure out how to maneuver thru Facebook and Twitter...I'll get it all sorted out eventually! LOL! Right now all I do is lurk! LOL!

  4. Hi there. Tried posting a comment once but I don't know if it came through., I linked from Flying Lessons. I like your blog, and I really like your words. Loved the story of your dad. I like to hear old people's stories. They have such wisdom and insight. Feel free to stop by mine and check out my story about my 95 year old aunt.

  5. Hello Linda, thanks for stopping by my blog and following along! Hope you'll enjoy the journey!
    I loved this post of yours, so special. And yes, dads are precious...
    Beautiful patchwork background, I've never seen one before!

  6. I have to tell you guys that I've been soooo busy trying to keep up with all my new friends and what they are doing, and riding the big learning curve of Facebook/Twitter and all the rest that I had not seen my own comments. Imagine my surprise today.

    You are all so kind, and I'll be around to each of your blogs this weekend. Be sure and let us all know how you spent your July 4th?

    Thanks again, having the time of my life!

  7. Lovely words! I miss my mom so much. I know what that feeling is. Thank you for stoping by my blog. So nice to meet you. I see your are working in many things just like me. Embrace each moment, follow your dreams and "Enjoy the Ride" in this wonderful journey!