Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A dream comes true......and it was better than I imagined...

O.K. so I still have that smile on my face!!  I just can't think of a time when I've had soooooo much fun.

The photo in the bottom right is before the class.  A couple of us got there an hour early (to be first in line of course) and Tim was out there and chatted with us until  the class was ready to begin.  They bring ALL the supplies so you only bring yourself.  It was cozy with only about 40 students in each class so we got to joke around and chat and ask him anything we wanted.

The apron I have on was created by Tim and was sent to the first 50 or so that purchased his book Compendium of Curiosities (seen on my sidebar).  He sent the apron as a bonus and personalized my book using my name, a message, and signed it.

So I asked him to sign my apron and he did!  His best friend Mario signed the other pocket for me - they both are so much fun and tend to every detail to make sure the class is a blast.  The domino with the clock was not made in his class but I loved making it and turning it into a pendant for a necklace.  The heart piece with wings is on a chain for a gorgeous funky necklace and the keyhole (with tiny photo we put inside) is also a necklace.  The metal clock has a metal bird and tassel and is a pin (it's actually a domino too that we used as a base to attach everything to).  We made a bracelet that is so darn cute but I'll save that for another time as I have a request to "customize" one and will share it when I've finished.

That night Tim was doing "demos" to his mob/stalkers/fans in the main room and when I asked him to demo his new tissue tape he made the tag you see above - LOVE IT!  At the end of the night (yes I was still watching him hours later) he signed it and gave it to me  whooooo whooooooo.   Thanks for listening as I shared my thrilling little vacation with you all over a glass of tea.  Ya'll come back now ya hear?


  1. How fun Linda! I can feel your excitement in your post! It's always great to meet people and artists that you admire. Good for you. Happy August! xoxo Valerie

  2. Ha! I was wondering when you would post pics of your funtime! I'm happy for you! It was worth it wasn't it? The glow in your face tell all!!

    Happy days!! xx

  3. Super fun post -thanks for sharing. I've heard Tim is a fabulous from many people.

  4. so glad you finally got to meet Tim!!!!!!! I am sure your feet were about 3 feet off the ground the whole time :) :) how inspiring to spend close time with a great artist that is so generous with his talent and time......couldn't have happened to a nicer person!!! :) :)