Monday, August 16, 2010

Great things come in tiny packages.........I mean suitcases.

I'm still on a high from my classes with Tim Holtz.  Here is the tiny suitcase we distressed - it's about 4" x 2.5".   The first photo is a sample for the class.  The other photos are my book.   We added the charm and key to it.  Then we set out to make the tiny book that would go inside, starting with grungeboard pieces.  This was a blast!  It has pages with pockets for little notes, pieces of memories - plus photo pockets and tags to write notes or journal on.  The closure has a "J" for Journey (one that I wish would never end).  Check in tomorrow to see the jewelry.


  1. What fun to take a class from him! Just love these.

  2. Love the tiny suitcase! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am so very envious! I wanted to get in this class so badly, but didn't get my name in quickly enough. Lucky, lucky you!!
    I love this little journal - very sweet!

  4. I love this, Linda! So glad you had a great time!!! Can't wait to hear more!!!

  5. Hello Linda,

    thanks for sharing the pictures of the book and it's beautiful suitcase !
    I'm always amazed to see how much people create in a class of Tim !
    I never followed a class with Tim and it's very doubtfull that he will ever teach her in Belgium, but I love to see what other people create.

    Nice book you made : you will have fun creating in it further.

    greetings from Belgium

  6. Oh, I absolutely love the suitcase and the book. I want to make one soooo badly. Are the suitcases available? Did he have a sheet available on the how to's of the book? I love what you did - it is spectacular!

  7. That is so cute. You must have had a lot of fun in his class.

  8. Love it ! Looove it!!! Can I add more creative things to do on my already full plate? Soooo Tempted!! Thanks for sharing!!