Monday, August 16, 2010

Share and Share alike....

I recently finished taking FLYING LESSONS with Kelly Rae Roberts and it was a wonderful inspiring experience.   At first I didn't sign up, but I just kept thinking about it.  Finally I decided to do it and it was worth every latte or magazine I gave up to take the class!  The amazing thing about Kelly (or KRR as those who took the class affectionately called her) is that she DOES tell you exactly what to do....all those baby steps you can take at your own speed.  She said it was very difficult to get those that had "made it" to share the tips and real information of how they got there when she asked.  She believes as I do that there is room for us all, we are each unique offering different gifts whether yours is cooking, sewing, textiles or coaching.   Many of us that have taken the class have become affiliates to spread the word as I am, giving you the chance to fly too.    This is not a rah rah, you can do it experience that pumps you all up during the class and then the next day you go back to your life.....OH NO.... this is a roadmap of the practical steps she took and what worked for I'm sharing what I've found that helped me, in case it's what you need too ;-)  Check it out !   Click here to visit Kelly Rae Roberts LLC.

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