Sunday, August 22, 2010

what do you BELIEVE for sure........

For a long time now Oprah has given her answer to the question "What I know for sure" on  the last page of her magazine and to be sure many others have contributed their answer to that same question.  

I got up extra early this morning and I'm so glad I did - it was a beautiful breezy morning and the only interruption to the amazing silence was the sweet sound of birds chattering to each other ;-)  I walked Miss Juliet a bit allowing her to sniff a zillion blades of grass.....

 We came inside and I fixed a cup of Apricot tea.....  I sat in my favorite chair just letting my mind wander and asked myself What do I BELIEVE?   hmmmmmmmmm  Sometimes a fresh perspective helps us move outside our comfort zone and explore new POSSIBILITIES....think about things we normally don't have time to ponder.  One could answer this question in so many ways.

We are all from so many different backgrounds and experiences and have a wide variety of dreams - So I'm wondering my dear friends..... 
                     what do you believe ?????????????


  1. Ohhh! This is a very good post and thought provoking. I will be pondering on this today. LOVE the photo of the rock and the outdoor picture is so peaceful looking. Have a nice day.

  2. Morning Ms L - what a lovely picture you have - perfect for sitting and daydreaming. How is Miss Juliet - hope she is feeling better. Love your blog!

  3. Love the rock pic! Right now I believe that everything happens for a reason. At least, that is what I like to believe. And I also believe that people are sent to us, they are the angels, when we need them in our lives the most. This has been true my entire life. And you, Miss Linda, are one of my angels!

  4. I really like the photo of the rock, that is so beautiful.
    As to your question - I really can't give you an answer right now since my life seems to be upside down at the moment. Everything fine from the outside, but there's a lot going on inside me. Like your post.

  5. it's so nice to officially meet you! and i am so happy i get to come to your blog today and read exactly this! i love this question! and today my big thing that i believe in is doing things my very best the first time.

    it's so adorable that you took Miss Juliet for a walk too :) sounds like such a wonderful morning.

    best wishes to you!

  6. I like the way you wrote this post. You painted a picture with words and not the brush.

    I believe that there is a specific time for living our dreams and when we are ready to listen to our whispers, (as Kelly would say), doors will open. Until then, the doors stay shut...still learning to listen. ;)

  7. Many things still confuse me and it is hard to pin down all of my beliefs but one thing I know for sure is I beleive that love is the strongest force in the universe and will always overcome evil.

  8. Hello love - thanks for popping along to my blog! :)

    I've always loved Oprah's "What I Know For Sure". What I've always *wanted* to know, was how to trust my own intuition. Always struggled with that (in the past :), but believe that I'm now getting better each day.

    And as RuffHaven says above - love. Love everything and everyone you can. It's never too much.

  9. I believe in the power of art and friends and furry companions! Oh, and "What I Know for Sure" with Ms. Oprah =-)

    Great post!!

  10. I beliefs are clear as a bell and I live my life according to them every day. The specifics are too much to mention here...I'm a new follower. Maybe we will discuss it another time. :-)

  11. THAT IS THE QUESTION! That is exactly what I am writing about in my Believe Truth e-course!

    That is such an important question to ask oneself each day..."What am I believing today?" "What do I believe is true about this situation?" "Is it really true?"

    Love this rock! I need to make one!

  12. Oh yeah, what do I believe?...I believe that I am a child of God and that He is good and righteous and trustworthy. I believe He knows me better than I know myself. I believe that life is not about painting the perfect picture for others to admire. I believe that each person is a unique masterpiece created with intention and purpose. I believe there is something beautiful right here, right now. I believe that all things work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. I believe that we will LIVE what we BELIEVE.