Monday, September 27, 2010 to me

It's that  time again.
Food Day at the office.
It seems I commonly hear about a great, quick, easy recipe and think to myself "I need to remember this one".....
But I never do ;-(
The day comes and I need to make a dish
and I come home
and stare at my wonderful shelf of cookbooks.
What to make?
I need your help.
With the Holidays coming there will be many opportunities
to whip of an awesome dish to go.

 Please tell us all your favorite dish to make and take.
Show off your recipe that everyone oohs and aahs over.
Ready everyone?
I'll go first.
Take 1 philadelphia cream cheese block
Cut in two pieces longwise
Roll each into a rounded hot dog shape
Pour a packet of Good Seasons onto a plate
Roll each piece into the seasoning til covered
Lay both of them side by side on a plate
(Doilies are a nice touch)
Serve with Ritz crackers

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  1. i myself could burn water, but that is why it is lovely to have great friends that cook! you should check out em's blog - she is my dearest friend and an absolutely divine source for all things epicurean.