Sunday, October 3, 2010

you'll like it - and it's good for you?

It was just a  beautiful day today....sunny, cool and breezy.  My week was a rush of work, overtime and sleep.  I'm so grateful for all three.  So today being my only day off -  I wanted to cook something up that was easy to make and would keep me going this week.
 If you haven't tried Quorn - you should!  It comes in Chickn Cutlets, or Patties that are breaded.  The patties can be microwaved in just a minute or so and when you pile on lettuce, tomato, cheese & your favorite condiment on toast - it's just great!!!
Today I made Tacos......yum.  Can you hear it sizzling?  I previously used Boca Crumbles (they are good for you as well and tasty) but thought I'd use Quorn today.  I love using this in my chili too - bet you can fool your kids with this stuff ;-)

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  1. Dearest Linda, so happy to know you had a day off after a very busy week! This looks sooo yummie!! Have alovely merry happy week and love to you!