Monday, September 13, 2010

my little secret - what's on the inside ???

Remember the box?
Plain, like a white canvas staring at you.
Where is my magic wand, I need to turn this into a Victorian Memory Box...........
Sorry it took sooo long, you know how it is, you're so excited to jump into a new project - especially a commissioned one for someone special ;-) 

Then real life gets in the way !!!!!!!!!!!  
I never found my wand so I grabbed some gorgeous paper from my Mariposa stack, and my Tim Holtz treasures - Metal feet, keyholes, charms, keys.  Found my Maya Road felt flowers in black, some lace trim, fibers, ribbon, a tag, and a crystal knob.  OH! I saved a little surprise for the inside of the box.  What do you think she'll see when she lifts the lid????   Pop in tomorrow and I'll show you.  


  1. Beautiful Linda! Now what you do definitely takes patience and imagination! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and entering the giveaway! =)


  2. Linda, this looks incredibly awesome! Great job! I'm inspired...

  3. beautiful, linda! looks really rich - love the colors.

  4. OH...MS. LINDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!!!!!! It's just LOVELY!!!!!!!! I love you and I love your work!!!!!!!!!