Wednesday, September 8, 2010

STOP - you deserve a break -check this out !

We both know you  really want to exhale.  

Walk along breezy quaint streets lined with unique shops.   Eat homemade ice cream.

Sit on a park bench watching couples holding hands, kids giggling.

You might choose fried chicken cooked in a black cast iron skillet - YUM.

Then again you might want to eat a crisp salad laced with fresh berries and giant croutons on a veranda.

Fried biscuits with homemade apple butter?

There is so much to do in Nashville Indiana, it's like a little village tucked away an hour south of Indianapolis.
Log cabins, bed & breakfast, art galleries, music and activities galore.

My favorite thing in Nashville is PAPERTRIX.  This is my favorite store, I stay for hours when I'm there.  You are in for a real treat if you've never been.  It is jam packed with artzy phartzy stuff.  Cindy and Wayne own Papertrix and are always there to demo something for you or help you in any way they can.  They have the best of everything whether it's stamps you want, paper, tools, ink, paint, books/magazines/DVD's, or unique embellishments.

With a peek at their website you could coordinate your visit so that you can attend one of the awesome classes they offer with incredible guest artists that fly in.  There are little shops tucked away in every corner and Papertrix is on the backside of another shop so be sure and get a town map !!  Tell them Linda R said Hi!  

You will not be sorry and you will be full of inspiration and energy when you come home - it's a HAPPY place..  Don't forget your camera ;-) 


  1. Wow Linda.....I'd love to get out and be on an artist date by myself there! U've inspired me the same here in Hawaii! yes...yes...with camera in my purse too.....

  2. WOW! I wish I lived close enough to visit this place! Sounds like the place to be!!! :-)

  3. Sounds like a lovely place where I would like to stroll around on a Sunday afternoon. Alas - it's too far away!

  4. Lovely store! That place looks so cool, invites to visit! I really enjoyed reading this post. I wish I could be there i real, not only in my imagination! Many Blessings sent to you!

  5. I may not ever go to Indiana in my lifetime. But boy, did you give me such a nice feeling reading this story. I love cute little towns like that. You brought back memories of other favorite places, like: Occuquan, Virginia; Dahlonega, Georgia; Camden, Maine; and another place in Rhode Island, but I can't think of the name. I love just losing myself in little towns with cute main streets.

  6. now that you mentiond ice cream i need to run to town! thanks Linda! =) btw, love your blog.

  7. YOU deserve a break today!! Why don't you come on down and we'll head over there for a MUCH NEEDED mental health ESCAPE!!!! It's the perfect time! Leaves are changing in Brown County. The temps are cool and refreshing....FINALLY! Come on....start packing. In less time than a good'll be here!