Monday, November 22, 2010

Exploring is fun...


Each time I do it, it's because I can't find something I'm looking for!  This weekend it was templates, I know they were here somewhere LOL.   I'm starting an art journal - filled with new techniques - an exploration or as the book I'm using as a guide is titled:  Creative Awakenings..Envisioning The Life of Your Dreams Through Art.     I cut a window out of the cover which I will fill with an embossed metal piece once I find those templates ;-)   I did brush gesso on the front and back covers, inside and out.  It's a Canson 8 x 10 mixed media journal with (I think) 90 lb. cold press watercolor paper.  I'll share my progress on occasion, this should be a lot of  fun!!  

Once I got everything somewhat in order and my workspace cleared - I was ready.....but as you can see Miss Juliet fussed and squeaked until she was perched on the desk so she could see exactly what was going on (at least it worked and she soon fell asleep).  

If you have ever done an art journal, I'd love to know what your experience was like, what products were your favorites, or favorite techniques - whatever you want to share - I'm all ears and open to receive!!

Enjoy your week - Happy Thanksgiving

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  1. I have not done an art journel yet. I have lots of them but they are the basic black book. I know I should make some but I just don't. My sister makes beautiful material ones. But I don't paint in them I write. I can't wait to see how it turns out Linda!