Thursday, November 25, 2010


 I'm wondering how each of you are spending your day today....are you cooking the BIG meal?  Or did you make a special dish to take somewhere?

Yes, the best part is not working today!  Plenty of time today to think about all the simple things  I'm grateful for - 

These things seem simple but are really miracles.
Each breath, to see, taste (especially today), hear, have the ability to speak, to move.  

I'm blessed in so many other BIG ways - to have my job - with so many out of work and losing their homes, I am thankful every day that I have a job in a safe indoor environment!!  I have WONDERFUL friends - if you are fortunate you might have a few very special friends that make your life a better place.  While I have lost both parents in recent years (who I miss very much), I am grateful for a brother who lives close and would be there for me - no matter what.  

I'm grateful to live in a country where I am FREE - to worship my God, to read what I like, speak my mind and free to travel and roam anywhere I choose.  I never take this for granted and is my most valuable possession ....freedom.

I want to thank each of you that have admired my creations, or purchased any of my artful pieces.  A HUGE thank -you to those who have taught me so much this year.  Tim Holtz, for him creating is like breathing and he shares what he knows openly and with gusto.  Wendy Vecchi, through her classes taught me to think outside the box.  Kelly Rae Roberts, her big heart and amazing e-course rocked my world and introduced me to a group of amazing artists that have inspired me, given me sage advice and more support than I've ever thought was possible!  

I have been invited to a dear friend's house for dinner - which will be quite a grand event with more food than we could possibly eat ;-)  Fun and laughter will be plentiful.  

SO..................... what will you be doing today and what are you MOST grateful for?  Yes, I reallllly want to know.


  1. How sweet is this post! I love reaading it! It is so important to count our blessings! I spent the day at may yopunger sister and her big family. So grateful that my younger son and her wife and specially little Miss Aliany were there with me. We ate a delicious lunch. My brother in law who happens to be a doctor cooked the meat and my sister the delicious "mamposteao" rice. I cooked Sweet potato wit marshmallows and an oatmeal cake with coconut...delicious. Later we went to my daughter in law's family dinner.. more good food and company!

  2. I totally agree with Elizabeth ... I hosted a dinner at my house for 30 plus me ... it was all good ... later we watched old family videos and flipped thru old family photo albums while enjoyN each others company.