Monday, January 3, 2011

something to think about......

May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.”
- Neil Gaiman

Eleanor put this on her Blog, and Leigh liked it and added it to her post and now I'm blogging it here for all of you.  It's my wish for you as you contemplate what your goals or resolutions might be - it sure gave me something to think about.


  1. I especially can relate to the "good madness".
    Wonderful quote, thank you.

  2. I'm right there with Carola on the "good madness" part..I love it all.

    Thank you for sharing & for taking the time to leave a few words on my blog...those comments & these connections mean so much.

    Happy 2011!

  3. Love "good madness" and such a great quote. So happy I dropped in here today and read that. Also love your word for the year "Kind" and makes me want to come up with one also. Hope you are having a wonderful start to your new year!