Monday, August 29, 2011

I dare you - not to be amazed

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending all evening with a very special friend - we ate, laughed, shared updates and dreamed a bit too.  One of the things she told me about was this young girl.   A girl named Rhema.
take a moment 


  1. Oh wow! AH-MAZING!! And a real tear-jerker, too! Looking her up now!

  2. Thanks Linda for the comments on Nashville. I did not find that store you suggested, Papertrix, and will definitely have to make a trip back to go there. It is so beautiful there in the fall so that is when I will go. Sounds like my kind of store. Thanks flyer!

  3. Linda, she has an amazing voice, for one so young, definitely inspiring, thanks for sharing. Hope you are well, Amanda

  4. Linda, I'm way behind. BUT! I'm so glad I watched this. Just amazing!!!

    xoxo, Lisa