Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Maybe you're like me, and some days you need outside stimulation for inspiration. I turn to blogs - my favorite place to find what I need.....  and some even have awesome giveaways to celebrate milestones (you'll see what I mean later).

Some days it's a new recipe. Next week it might be a new color combination. I would love for you to share what your favorite blogs are whether you turn to them for gardening ideas, painting old furniture or decorating ideas or whatever     ;-)

If you are new to blogs - all you need to do is begin with one - many of them have their favorite blogs listed in the side column on their blog. You can click on one and check their list, and so on and so on....or you can come back to the original list and try another one.

It's addicting !! I warned you - but so delicious. Just in case you are new to the idea - I'll list a few of my new finds for you.
Words of Me Project - super cool giveaway
Twice Lovely
The Pioneer Woman
Fly Lady
A Holy Experience
Simply Recipes

Hope I added a slice of Bliss to your day...


  1. Hi Linda,

    First of all, I want to thank you for liking my blog enough to follow me and your wonderful, wonderful comment. How did you know my spirit was running a low today and I needed a little boast? Thank you!

    Thank you for liking my style and my photos. I'm such a novice at the photography thing but I do love it. I am an even more of a novice writer, my spelling is often bad and my sentence run on forever but, I do love blogging too. :)

    I wanted to tell you a little bit about the new beginning post: Karen is my oldest sister. She has just gone through a divorce after 30 years. Her husband split when there son was in a terrible car accident and suffered a sever brain injury. She has brought back that son to the living... who is now preparing for a new life himself. ((If you wanted to read about him he would be under Joe...not my uncle that passed away but a nephew.)) Karen has moved close to our family into a house that my parents had as a rental. We are very excited to have her back home again.

    PS ~ I love your profile and can't wait to find out more about you. I am new follow to you too.

  2. This big wonderful blog world is just loaded with inspiration, isn't it Linda? I *love* it! :)

  3. Hey Linda, THANK YOU! for your great comment. And taking the time to catch up on my little blog. Your so right! My sister will do great here. She is home and now she will heal...I'm so happy for her :) and thank you, thank you, thank you for liking my blog and my writing. :)

    xoxo, Lisa

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I am happy you found me and I hope you continue stopping by Words of Me:) Be sure and stop TODAY;)

  5. Hello! I found you through Words of Me! I'm a blog addict too, although lately I don't have the time I once did. Congrats on the prize! :-)