Saturday, March 24, 2012

winter? spring? summer?

Here in the Midwest we have had the mildest winter ever!  Suddenly in March we've had many days that felt like mid-summer with temps in the 80's !!  Crazy huh?  I thought so too.

My first spring flowers rocketed out of their beds!
I was of course fearful that the cold would return
and destroy all the beauty but they showed
no signs of stopping.

It got me to thinking about all the things I would love to do but fear stops me in my tracks.

You know...
the "what ifs"...

 For  you, maybe it's starting an art journal - but what if you're not creative, or it's not perfect?

Maybe you want to learn how to knit, crochet - but it might not turn out.

Could wash the windows, but it might rain - do it anyway.

If failure were not an option,
what would you do???

The beauty of nature has again inspired me, made me think.  There are countless examples  that amaze me.

Just like preparing the garden, I began to clear and purge yesterday.   Resetting that mode of hibernation and darkness into one of light and growth.   I pulled back the curtains, raised the shades and threw open the windows!  

I took Miss Juliet for a walk, or maybe it appeared as though she were walking me ...  

I cleaned out all my kitchen cabinets - tossing expired and unhealthy items, pots I don't use.  

Even when it began to rain it was the straight down kind, gentle and refreshing - a slight breeze ran through the house - renewing every space with a freshness, a newness.

After the rain, I swear my Hostas shot up 4 more inches!
I continued my purging frenzy and I think it will continue for several days.  I'm loving it.

I need to attack closets next, then decide which dust collectors are worth it LOL ...

I think that's what it all comes down to...
Flowers don't worry - they just do what they are here to do.

I took another walk (yes Miss Juliet had to come too) before dinner.  I felt like it was such a great day - the beginning of a lot of newness, and decluttering on the inside as well as the outside.  Moral of the story:  refresh, lighten up, come out into the light - be fearLess.

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  1. Fear – fear to try – for fear of failure – and who knows – maybe fear of success. Yes, I'm fighting fear better than I ever have – but even in this fight there are steps I don't take because the voices that say "you can't do this" – they ring loud in my ears. But I have to fight it – I might not be able to do this - but I CAN keep trying – time may run out, opportunity may not show itself, but I have to keep trying – I have to keep reaching for the sun and rain just like your flowers. Thank you for this reminder. God bless and keep you Linda – and since Laska the Love Kitty isn't looking – God bless your little dog too :-)