Friday, March 29, 2013

  Happy Easter Blessings to You

I've been away from my blog for a while now, and hope you understand.
I've been doing some reflecting, stopping to smell the roses as they say.
It's one of those time I need to reflect, look at where I am now and make
decisions about what makes me happy ;-) and how to change some things
to lay down more "happy" on the road ahead.

Part of that process has been to privately work in my art journal, try new
techniques, read, read, explore Pinterest, read some more, play with new
colors, improve my photography skills by taking classes, pray and do a lot of
inner work while getting more rest and planning  a much healthier lifestyle.

All of you reading my blog (thank you) from so many beautiful places
in the world are a very important part of my vision moving forward.   My
hope is that you see 'this little light of mine' when I return shining bright,
splashing paint, roaring softly, and sharing pieces of me.  

Each of us is completely unique, enough, loved, perfect, a masterpiece.  We each were made with special gifts and are healing broken places.  I believe our purpose is to use those gifts and I'm working on how to best serve God by using mine.  So let's turn up the volume, dance, share, spread our wings and do what we do best........together.

May you enjoy every minute of this Easter weekend,  and take in all the joys of Spring - see you soon.                                  Linda

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  1. Thank you for this very lovely post today. Come and go as often as you please. We are here to listen.
    oh and I love exploring Pinterest too. It's a fun way to dream the afternoon away.