Friday, June 14, 2013

father's day....

Daddy, Dad, Father.....those words conjure up different memories and feelings for each of us don't they?  For me, it was his constant smile, and always a teasing remark.  He earned those titles young, didn't have any idea what he was doing - but did the very best he could.  Yes, I got lots of spankings, but I learned right from wrong, that you go up the stairs on the right and down on the left, that education was important, it is expected you be early - never late, always prepared.  I was expected to do my very best, that I could do anything, that I could speak my mind and say how I felt,  I mattered, and best of all I never ever doubted  that I was loved.

Yes, I miss my Dad but I know where he is and that I'll be with him again....and just like always when I say "How you doin Dad" he'll give me the answer I still hear when I think of him "bout 90 backwards".....................Happy Father's Day Dad!

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